Here are some additional instructions for my twitter friend pacman who is the first person (I know of) to use my instructions to build his own ROCKPro64 based bitcoin node.

Setup local bitcoin-cli access

This is the recommended way to enable RPC access for other programs running on the same computer to your bitcoin full node. You will need to have python installed and access to the bitcoin source you cloned via git from my post ROCKPro64 System, Part 2 step 7.

  1. Install python if it's not already installed

    sudo apt install python
  2. Create a new bitcoin rpc auth token

    cd bitcoin/share/rpcauth
    ./ <username> 

    be sure to save the password you get from this command under where it says "Your password:"

  3. edit the bitcoin.conf file and enable rpc access by enabling server mode

    sudo vi /etc/bitcoin/bitcoin.conf

    remove the # to uncomment out the server line, it will look like this

  4. Add your new rpc auth token to your bitcoin.conf file

    sudo vi /etc/bitcoin/bitcoin.conf

    The line that you add to bitcoin.conf will look something like this

  5. restart bitcoind

    sudo systemctl restart bitcoind
  6. you can now run bitcoin-cli commands from your own user account, you just need to provide the password generated by the program

    bitcoin-cli -rpcuser=test -rpcpassword=<A_LONG_RANDOM_STRING=> help
    bitcoin-cli -rpcuser=test -rpcpassword=<A_LONG_RANDOM_STRING=> getpeerinfo

As stated in the bitcoin.conf file you can add multiple rpcauth lines to the same bitcoin.conf file so you can use different auth tokens for each app that is accessing your node.