It's been a few months since I last worked on my ROCKPro64 system so today I did some overdue updates. The main impetus for updating was to make sure my system security isn't at risk due to the recently announced sudo vulnerability CVE-2021-3156. Even though I'm the only user on my little server it's best to not take any chances.

The other important update I wanted to do is to bring my bitcoind daemon up to the latest and greatest version bitcoin core 0.21.0.

  1. upgrade OS packages

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt upgrade
  2. verify sudo is patched. Per the CVE-2021-3156 FAQ if your system is vulnerable the below command will respond with an error that starts with “sudoedit:”. If your system is patched, it will respond with an error that starts with “usage:”

    sudoedit -s / 
  3. update bitcoin core git repo and checkout the v0.21.0 tag

    cd git/bitcoin ## or where ever you keep your bitcoin core repo clone
    git fetch --all
    git checkout v0.21.0
  4. re-build bitcoind this time without the wallet, I only need a P2P node

    ./configure --without-gui --disable-wallet 
    strip src/bitcoind
    strip src/bitcoin-cli

    Note: if I cross-compiled this ARM build on my desktop linux system it should go a lot faster, I will try that next time

  5. install the bitcoin binaries

    sudo systemctl stop bitcoind
    sudo install -sv src/bitcoind src/bitcoin-cli /usr/local/bin
    sudo chown bitcoin:bitcoin /usr/local/bin/bitcoin*
  6. verify the new version of bitcoind is installed

    $ /usr/local/bin/bitcoind --version
    Bitcoin Core version v0.21.0
    Copyright (C) 2009-2020 The Bitcoin Core developers
    Please contribute if you find Bitcoin Core useful. Visit
    <> for further information about the software.
    The source code is available from <>.
    This is experimental software.
    Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying file COPYING
    or <>
  7. restart bitcoind and verify it started up successfully

    sudo systemctl start bitcoind
    sudo systemctl status bitcoind
    sudo tail -f /var/lib/bitcoind/debug.log ## stop tail with control-C